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Aluminum pot mould factory is an independent design, independent production enterprise. Always pay attention to product quality, with high quality products, affordable prices, good reputation, set up the brand of poured aluminium pot aluminium products mould. With fast and thoughtful service, we have won the trust and esteem of our customers. According to the needs of our customers, we can customize all kinds of aluminium products molds, as well as the production of aluminium products, according to the needs of customers, we can produce and manufacture molds and aluminium products.

Mold subdivision includes: aluminium pot mould, aluminium pot mould, kettle mould, chafing pot mould, pan mould, big swallow pot mould, earthen pot mould, soup pot mould, double ear steamer pot mould, grate mould, pan mould, soup pot mould, hanging pot mould, martial pot mould, barrel pot mould, frying ladle mould, pig pot mould, Yunnan pot, Qinghai boxpot mould. Son, Luohuo pot, oil pan, pickup pot, spoon, leak spoon, spade, etc.

Pour aluminium pot mould factory is a folk handicraft enterprise engaged in traditional handicraft production. Enterprises have always been in line with the "integrity-based, quality first, service-oriented" business philosophy, and constantly open up the market, we adhere to the customer-oriented, customer-proud criteria, and constantly introduce better moulds and products. At present, we have developed a wide range of moulds, and beautiful style, suitable for the customs and habits of each region of our country. Including aluminium pot mould, pouring aluminium kettle mould, casting aluminium pot mould, special aluminium hanging pot mould for Hunan area, one grate mould for aluminium pot, two grate aluminium steaming pot mould, three grate aluminium pot deepening mould, aluminium floor pot mould for farm kitchen stove, flat bottom aluminium pot mould for commercial household pancake frying, sharp round bottom aluminium frying pot mould, processing aluminium spoon mould, shaking water aluminium ladle mould, aluminium steaming pot mould. Hot pot cement mold, Gansu special aluminum belt pot mold of various types of aluminum grate, as well as supporting pot cover, aluminum pot, aluminum pot mold, aluminum pot mold, aluminum pot mold, pot mold, pan mold, large swallow pot mold, pot mold, soup pot mold, double ear steamer pot mold, grate mold, pan mold, soup pot mold, hanging pot mold, martial pot mold, pot mold Fried ladle mould, pig killing pot mould, pig food pot mould, Yunnan pot, Qinghai boxes, Luohuo pot, oil pan, ladle, spoon, leak spoon, spade, etc. In this period, we have made more special moulds for different areas, such as the moulds with wide sides and large basins without waistline in Yunnan, and the pig cookers used in Guizhou, Yunnan, with low slope and shallow slope. Another example is the box-burning mould used in Qinghai area, and the hot pot mould used in some areas. In summary, it can also be expressed that the molds produced by our factory have been spread all over the country, and the styles produced are also applicable to the customs and customs of various regions. Of course, we also welcome representatives from different regions to visit and guide us.

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